Shahdag Tour

Shahdag, Azerbaijan

210 KM of road will take from Baku to Gusar region where Shahdagh resort is located. Duration will be around 3H ours. By reaching Shahdagh you will leave behind The Caspian Sea, Guba forests, Red Village where only Jewish people live. That’s the most 3rd populated area after Israel and USA. It is situated just 29 km from Gusar city, Azerbaijan, Shahdag Mountain Resort takes its name from the majestic mount Shahdag, towering at an impressive 4243 meters above sea level. This stunning peak is part of the magnificent Greater Caucasus range. With its strategic location near Shahdag National Park, this resort complex offers unparalleled opportunities for skiing and a wide range of winter and summer sports in Azerbaijan. It serves as a gateway to thrilling adventures and memorable experiences on the slopes. Beyond its exceptional sporting facilities, Shahdag Mountain Resort is committed to providing an all-encompassing tourism experience.